The NICASI Textil Gbr.

His bottler and distributor of a silver ion product, produced on the basis of natural salt (no NANO technology!).

It´s our goal to improve hygiene not only in the medical and hospital area, but also in the private field.

As prescribed for garement for medical practitioners, hospital nurses and hospital cleaning personal, also in day-to-day live everything should be hygienic and antibacterial with every washing.

Besides the antibacterial effect, cost reductions (high reduction of electricity costs when washing with lower temperatures) and the reduction of infections are main benefits.

What does silver ionized mean?

Mode of operation of NICASI – “Invisible Protection”®

  • blocking of bacteria and germ growth and bacteria accumulation!

Positive experience on the user side

  • longterm freshness and hygiene
  • NICASI is neutral in odour, it prevents bad odour in textiles
  • less material wear due to lower temperatures when washing
  • reduced risk of infection through passive hygiene, long-lasting effect after washing
  • environmentally sensitive = no FCKW, 100 % environmentally sensitive disposal
  • positive feeling through long-lasting antibacterial protection

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