Questions to the fresh effect and protective effect

Why is a fresh finish for textiles necessary?

Textiles without fresh finish, especially when worn next to the skin, are a perfect breeding ground for micro-organisms, such as bacteria. Bacteria can diminish the body sweat in unequipped textiles in unpleasantly smelling products. The textiles start to smell.

The antibacterial function of NICASI – „Invisible Protection“® prevents bacteria-induced body odours in textiles.

After having washed my textiles, they no longer smell. Why shall I buy a NICASI – „Invisible Protection“ ® ?

Textiles are often only washed because they smell of perspiration but not because they are dirty. Textiles finished with NICASI – „Invisible Protection“® do not have to be washed immediately due to the incorporated fresh function. NICASI – „Invisible Protection“® can be hung up after wearing and be worn again the next day.

This means that the life span of textiles is prolonged due to the reduced numbers of wash cycles necessary and respectively reduced wear.

On the one hand this is easy on the wallet, and, on the other hand, it contributes to environmental protection, since fewer wash cycles reduce the consumption of energy (electricity, water) and detergent.

Moreover, depending on the degree of soiling, a washing temperature of 40° C max. is sufficient by far to wash a NICASI – „Invisible Protection“ ® textile. Without NICASI – „Invisible Protection“® this temperature is ideal for bacteria growth in textiles and, consequently, washing temperatures above 60° C would be necessary.

Self test:

Necessary equipment:

  • 2 small glass bottles with lid, pipettes, non-pasteurised milk, textile (untreated/treated)
  • Glass bottle 1:
    • with untreated textile
  • Glass bottle 2:
    • with textile treated with NICASI – „Invisible Protection“ ®
  • Apply 3 – 4 milk drops with a pipette to the textile
  • Close glass bottles and store warm for 2 – 3 days
  • Open glass bottles: result

Untreated sample = “cheesy” odour

Sample treated with NICASI – “Invisible Protection”® = no odour