Short description of NICASI – „Invisible Protection“®

The Product

Highly efficient silver ion technology (triply efficiently), won from natural silver ion chloride (not to confuse it with the metal silver).

Mode of operation

  • Pro-active antibacterial protection against smell-causing bacteria
  • Blocking of oxygen-transporting enzymes
  • Inactivation of sulphur-containing proteins of the smell-causing bacterium


  • Preventive contribution to avoid the transfer of infectious diseases (e.g. bacterium MRSA)
  • High reduction of odour
  • Lengthening of the life span of materials like textiles and shoes (optimised humidity transport)
  • Environmentally friendly by entire resolution of the silver chloride (no remains like with the Nano – technology)
  • Cost reduction with the cleaning/ laundry processes of the textiles (no heating up and therefore higher energy consumption with the laundry) = reduction of electricity costs.
  • Antibacterial equipment at low washing temperatures (no high temperature washing program necessary!

Scope of application

Applicable on textiles of all kind like shoes, working clothes, protective clothes, also applicable on all sorts of bacterial herds and its origin.

NICASI – „Invisible Protection“® Pump Spray

Preparation ready for use to disperse or spraying in all kind of textiles and leather surfaces, in particular on the inside of shoes, helmets and gloves.

Apply the spray on the washed surface. Excessive material can be removed on dusting or spraying with a brush or a cloth. On spraying allow to dry.

Before use shake well – repeat treatment when required. With treatment of shoes take out the insert sole. Spray amount evenly apply in the sole and in the shoe.

Available as:
75ml pumping spray bottle

NICASI – „Invisible Protection“® Wash In

Preparation ready for use to the be washed in at all kinds of clothes and fabric.

You achieve optimum effect after the main washing way, if you give approx. 20 – 40 ml NICASI in the rinse. The 250ml screw cap bottle reaches for approx. 10 laundries with 5 kg of washing machine contents.

Between the single uses, the laundry can be washed up to 4 times without any washing addition, without losing the protection before odour-pedagogic bacteria and disagreeable odour

Before use shake well – repeat treatment when required.

Available as

  • 200ml screw cap bottle
  • 20ml sachet

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Tests, contents, certificates:

Ecological innocuousness certifications like:

  • Oeko-Tex® listing of NICASI – „Invisible Protection“ ® products fulfill OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • bluesign-listing: TÜV, Hohenstein Certificate
  • NICASI – „Invisible Protection“ ® products have no negative influence on the environment when disposed of via sewerage and purification plant
  • Cytotoxicity test shows: NICASI – „Invisible Protection“ ® has no negative influence on the natural balance of the skin